Is painting wood floors a decorator’s sin?


Endless colour choices.

There are only so many shades of brown you can choose from if you are replacing your floors with new wood flooring. Having the chance to paint your floors opens up a new world of possibilities. I had a quick browse on Google and found hundreds of places where you could buy all shades of wood paint possible. For instance, Kent Blaxill, a family-run decorating centre, has a variety of wood paint suitable for floors, from trade paint to designer paint in a wide range of colours. So, there’s something for everyone!

Mummy Vs Work says “ Choosing the colour of your floor paint comes down to personal preference – you can choose a colour that matches your interiors or a paint colour that completely contrasts your interiors. If you want to create a bold statement, choose a few colours that work together to create a one-of-a-kind pattern.”


Painting floors is an affordable way of refreshing the look of old and worn floors. Even if you opt for expensive floor paint, such as Farrow & Ball, you should still spend less than you would if you chose complete new wood flooring. As Architectural Digest mentions, “while a certain investment in paint will be required to turn out a good result, it should still cost less than other quality flooring options. Glossier paint finishes can add flash to a room, but a matte finish can help hide scratches and dings, so something like eggshell is a good compromise.”


Physically strenuous.

Painting a floor is no easy task. As Laurel Home puts it “Floor work is an exhausting back-busting job. And to do it properly requires many steps of prep, paint, sand, paint, sand, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint…” With this said, there are ways of making this process less strenuous. Yes, you will have to cut in around the edges and for this you will have to be on your hands and knees but for the rest, you can use a paint roller with an extension pole, so it’s not as back-breaking.

Wear and tear.

Kelly DeWitt, interior designer, shared in Southern Living that “Painted wood floors show signs of wear more quickly than a traditional floor finish”. However, this might not be as negative as I first thought as the reasons to go for a painted floor might make up for some scuffs and marks that can be easily touched up with a new coat of paint.

After much deep diving into all the corners of the internet, browsing countless wood floor pictures and reading various opinions, I’ve reached my conclusion about painting wood floors: it’s up to you. Painting wood floors is no sin, it’s a personal choice that can look stunning when done well. It’s your home, have fun with it!

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