Enjoy the outdoors all year round with a retractable roof

As a lover of the outdoors, it was my mission to find a way to enjoy nature and scenery all year round, no matter the weather. That’s why today, I’ve partnered up with Designer Shade Solutions, retractable roof specialists, to tell you all about their amazing shading structures which offer protection rain or shine. With a little insight into their selection of retractable roof pergolas, you will learn how to enjoy the outdoor air every day of the year.

How does a retractable roof work?

So, let’s start with the basics… how do retractable roof pergolas work? Essentially, with a retractable roof or pergola sliding roof as they are otherwise known, you are “able to retract the roof of your pergola to either an open, closed or tilted position” says The Rare Welsh Bit. This means that you can adjust your pergola to suit the weather condition, giving no excuse to miss out on outdoor relaxation.

These modern pergola structures are also not to be confused with more traditional style pergolas which, as Country Living describes them, “consist of parallel columns that hold up an open roof or grid of beams, rafters, or lattice work”. Clearly, these more commonly known pergolas do not offer the same comfort and protection as the innovative retractable pergolas structures, so it may be time to reconsider your outdoor shading option.

What are the benefits of retractable roofs?

Other than their increased protection against the elements, a retractable pergola canopy has many other benefits to boast about too. Firstly, the pergolas available at Designer Shade Solutions “can be fully customised to meet your requirements” says Baby Budgeting in a recent blog post. So, whether you are looking for a wooden retractable roof structure, a retractable roof with integrated heating or a retractable roof with additional side screens, they can create the bespoke design to help.

Not only this, but you can choose how you want your pergola canopy to sit. Perhaps you are looking to extend the end of your property, creating an outdoor-indoor effect. Maybe you want the retractable pergola at the end of your garden as a standalone piece? Either way, by installing this structure you will truly maximise the enjoyment of your outdoor space all year round.

What do you think?

I have been looking for an addition to my garden for a while now and it seems that these pergolas are the answer I’ve been needing! I don’t need to worry about the summer coming to an end with one of these stylish structures, as I can continue the garden parties throughout the seasons. So, what do you think? Will you be installing a retractable pergola in your back garden?

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